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Fall 2020


Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Fifteen year of Yuuna leads a withdrawn life spending most of her time in the fantasy world of her favorite Virtual RPG. Whether it was fate or merely an error, Yuuna's character was gifted with the legendary Kuma Set, granting her incredible power despite its goofy appearance. Though she is constantly underestimated due to her appearance, Yuuna remains determined to become a high ranking adventurer while making new friends on the way.

yuuna taking a quest yuuna riding her bear mount yuuna fighting the black viper yuuna in her kuma outfit

1. Bear, Appears 2020.10.07
2. Bear, Meets Little Girl 2020.10.14
3. Bear, Goes on Rampage 2020.10.21
4. Bear, Meets the Feudal Lord 2020.10.28
5. Bear, Raises a Bird (?) 2020.11.04
6. Bear, Watches Over the Sisters 2020.11.11
7. Bear, Goes to Royal Capital 2020.11.18
8. Bear, Lays to Waste 2020.11.25
9. Bear, Opens Shop 2020.12.02
10. Bear, Goes to Sea 2020.12.09
11. Bear, Fights (?) Squid 2020.12.16
12. Miss Bear and Fina 2020.12.23