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Fall 2020


Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club
Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai

High School girls Yu and Ayumu have a chance encounter with Setsuna, an idol doing a street performance and become totally inspired to become idols themselves. When they see the club's name, they are shocked to discover it is based out of their own school. Though no students have ever heard of it, they eventually locate the club room only to find out it's about to be disbanded. As Ayumu consoles Yu, they decide to still follow their dream of becoming idols.

cute girls doing cute things idol setsuna yuki performing students in nijigasaki high school ayumu uehara's idol outfit

1. The First Thrill 2020.10.03
2. Cutest Girl 2020.10.10
3. Shouting Your Love 2020.10.17
4. The Uncharted Path 2020.10.24
5. Something I Can Only Do Right Now 2020.10.31
6. The Shape of Smiles (⸝⸝>▿<⸝⸝) 2020.11.07
7. Haruka, Kanata, and Beyond 2020.11.14
8. Shizuku, Monochrome 2020.11.21
9. Friends but Rivals 2020.11.28
10. Summer Begins. 2020.12.05
11. Everyone's Dream, My Dream 2020.12.12
12. Blossoming Feelings 2020.12.19
13. School Idol Festival (The Place Where Everyone's Dreams Come True) 2020.12.26