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Spring 2020


Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited
Fugou Keiji Balance: UNLIMITED

Money opens many doors and nobody knows this better than Daisuke Kambe. With his account's unlimited balance he is able to grease enough wheels to pursue any criminal he's set his sights on. Detective Haru follows a more honorable code of law enforcement and prioritizes the safety of innocent people above all else. Unfortunately, his world is about to be turned upside down when Daisuke joins his department's task force and he is forced to constantly reign in a man who will tear apart an entire city to get his target.

1. I Came, I Saw, I Sponsored 2020.04.09
2. Love Can Do a Lot, Money Can Do Everything 2020.04.16
3. Elena 2020.07.30
4. Nothing Makes A Man so Adventerous as an Empty Pocket 2020.08.06
5. If Money be not thy Servant, it will be thy Master 2020.08.13
6. Ill Got, Ill Spent 2020.08.20
7. Money is the Root of All Evil 2020.08.27
8. Money Burns a Hole in the Pocket 2020.09.03
9. A Golden Key Can Open Any Door 2020.09.10
10. Life Shouldn't be Printed on Dollar Bills 2020.09.17
11. All That Glitters is Not Gold 2020.09.24