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Summer 2020


Monster Girl Doctor
Monster Musume no Oisha-san

After the war between humans and monsters has been put to an end, peace has finally returned to the land. In an uncommon profession for his people, Glenn Leitbeit runs a clinic for monsters of all types. Along with his lamia assistant Sapphee, they care for anyone who walks through their door and the various challenges that come along with them.

monster girl doctor glenn medical examination of centaur girls lamia sapphee coiling glenn sapphee restraining centaur tisalia

1. The Centaur of the Arena 2020.07.12
2. The Mermaid of the Waterways 2020.07.19
3. The Flesh Golem Who Hates Doctors 2020.07.26
4. The Lamia With an Incurable Disease 2020.08.02
5. The Centaur With a Sprain 2020.08.09
6. The Harpy Who Couldn't Fly 2020.08.16
7. The Hedonistic Arachne 2020.08.23
8. Attack on Gigas 2020.08.30
9. The Collapsed Dragon 2020.09.06
10. The Self-Deprecating Cyclops 2020.09.13
11. Lindworm's Major Operation 2020.09.20
12. The City of Dragons' Doctor 2020.09.27