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Fall 2020


Moriarty the Patriot
Yuukoku no Moriarty

Long before detective Sherlock Holmes made a name for himself, his eventual archnemesis took his first steps to power. As orphans, William and his younger brother Louis are taken into the Moriarty family as part of a scheme by its eldest son Albert. With the entire household eliminated in a fire, the trio now control the estate's vast wealth with the intent to change the city and the class system that has looked down on them their entire lives. Using his incredible talents in logic and deduction, William works as a crime counselor, operating behind the scenes to help citizens punish the most wicked members of society.

william and the moriarty family louis moriarty william moriarty moriarty meeting with a client

1. The Earl's Crime 2020.10.11
2. The Scarlet Eyes Act 1 2020.10.18
3. The Scarlet Eyes Act 2 2020.10.25
4. A Rare Breed 2020.11.01
5. The Dancers on the Bridge 2020.11.08
6. The Noahtic Act 1 2020.11.15
7. The Noahtic Act 2 2020.11.22
8. A Study in S Act 1 2020.11.29
9. A Study in S Act 2 2020.12.06
10. The Two Detectives Act 1 2020.12.13
11. The Two Detectives Act 2 2020.12.20