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Summer 2020


Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time
Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan

In a tournament to decide the strongest man alive, Peter Grill has just claimed the title. His dream of marrying his one true love Luvelia is cut short when he realizes he is now sought for his "essence" by women of all races in order to breed the strongest warriors. Every man's dream is now Peter Grill's nightmare as he evades their unrelenting advances for the sake of Luvelia and her tyrant guild master father.

peter grill in the world's strongest man tournament peter grill with an ogre girl peter grill and luvelia peter grill hiding from the ogre sisters

1. Peter Grill and the Ogre Sisters 2020.07.11
2. Peter Grill and the Future Father-in-Law 2020.07.18
3. Peter Grill and Relationships with Elves 2020.07.25
4. Peter Grill and Bathing Etiquette 2020.08.01
5. Peter Grill and a Blind Date with an Orc 2020.08.08
6. Peter Grill and the Orc's True Character 2020.08.15
7. Peter Grill and the Battle of the Fates 2020.08.22
8. Peter Grill and the Secret Treaty 2020.08.29
9. Peter Grill and the Treaty's Aftermath 2020.09.05
10. Peter Grill and the Angry Megaton Axe 2020.09.12
11. Peter Grill and Dueling Manners 2020.09.19
12. Peter Grill and the Warrior that Shouted Love 2020.09.26