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Fall 2020


Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle
Maoujou de Oyasumi

The Kingdom of Goodereste is suddenly attacked by the Demon King and Princess Syalis is whisked away to his castle as a hostage. Overcome by crushing boredom, the Princess realizes she could pass the time much more comfortably if she could only get a good night's rest. Her quest to upgrade her prison's lousy pillow soon expands into upgrading everything with any bit of material she can get her hands on - no matter where it is locked away or even who is wearing it. One thing is for certain: the demon minions are about to learn who is the true terror within the Demon King's Castle.

Princess Syalis in her prison cell with teddy bear demons Princess Syalis and her new pillow Princess Syalis terrorizing the demon minions Princess Syalis sleeping in a coffin

1. Sleepless Princess of the Castle 2020.10.06
2. The Princess and the Furious Fluff 2020.10.13
3. The Princess and Forbidden Knowledge 2020.10.20
4. The Princess, Destruction, and a Short Journey 2020.10.27
5. The Princess and Female Warriors 2020.11.03
6. The Princess' Unwavering Choice 2020.11.10
7. Even More Sleepless Princess of the Castle 2020.11.17
8. The Princess and the Frightful Demon Nightmare 2020.11.24
9. The Princess and the Hostage Strengthening Week 2020.12.01
10. The Princess and Owarino City 2020.12.08
11. The Princess and Troubling Dreams 2020.12.15
12. Sleeping Princess of the Demon Castle 2020.12.22