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Winter 2020


Somali and the Forest Spirit


1. Journeying Parent and Child 2020.01.09
somali meeting the forest golem Somali's minotaur disguise monster villagers somali following a cat
2. Edible Herbs and the Oni's Dwelling 2020.01.16
somali and golem traveling oni dwelling in the forest oni shizuno teaching golem alchemy yabashira and shizuno talking with golem
3. The Sea at the Bottom of the Cave 2020.01.23
traveling through the desert anthole city shurigara restaurant in anthole city golem working as a waiter
4. The Wishing Flower and the Promise Request 2020.01.30
muthrica with his crossbow undercity of anthole city tsuchilizard attacks somali and kikila tears
5. The Wandering Birds 2020.02.06
winecup village in a dormant volcano uzoi the harpy haitora using his rifle in a sandstorm uzoi with somali in the cavern of lights
6. Dying Flowers Look Up at the Birds 2020.02.13
uzoi's wing haitora's family uzoi's mother uzoi and haitora
7. The Footsteps That Stalk the Witches 2020.02.20
city of witches witches' crest library librarian witch hazel golem fighting the pescafish
8. Meetings and Bonds Prayed For 2020.02.27
labyrinth beneath the witch's library witch feodora nebsolv on her broomstick feodora with miya at the human colony head witch librarian isolde
9. Memories of Minor Days 2020.03.05
hunter's tree house lodge somali and golem bake a dessert bygone city somali's missing tooth
10. The Infant Child and the Green Boulder 2020.03.12
golem feeding somali komidori somali - draped in viridion golem and yabashira leaving for their bodyguard job rosa, the inkeeper's wife
11. Those Who Protect and Those Who Threaten 2020.03.19
somali and golem snowmen escape through the abandoned mine golem attack mode golem falls apart
12. Bonded Father and Child 2020.03.26
village harvest festival buying treats at the festival somali holding golem's hand golem promising to stay with somali as her father