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Spring 2020



As a child, Yomi was able to develop her legendary 'magic throw' by playing catch with her friend Tama. As part of her middle school's baseball club, Yomi was disappointed to discover that no catcher was able to handle her wild pitches and decided to put the sport behind herself. In a chance meeting at her new high school, Yomi reunites with Tama and along with baseball enthusiasts Yoshino and Ibuki, they all decide to restart the school's inactive baseball club together.

yomi pitching ibuki batting against yomi's magic throw tama catching yomi's pitch school baseball club

1. A Fated Reunion 2020.04.01
2. Let's Play Ball Together 2020.04.08
3. Take Me With You 2020.04.15
4. Pitch of Promise 2020.04.22
5. Losing Streak 2020.04.29
6. With Hearts Full of Hope 2020.05.06
7. Night Sky After Rain 2020.05.13
8. From Zero 2020.05.20
9. Change the Tide 2020.05.27
10. Show 'Em What We've Got 2020.06.03
11. This is Nationals Level 2020.06.10
12. Pitch Without Regret 2020.06.17