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Winter 2020



Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun
Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

The Seven Wonders of Kamome High School are famous among its students. The most famous is the seventh story concerning 'Hanako of the bathroom', a girl who supposedly died there many years ago. In the third stall of the girl's bathroom on the third floor of the old building, Hanako will grant a wish to anyone who summons her - but at a price. First year student Nene Yashiro is desperate to get a boyfriend and to her own surprise Hanako actually appears, but is much different than the legend describes.

1. Hanako-san of the Bathroom 2020.01.09
hanako summoned in the girl's bathroom hanako match-making yashiro with the mermaid scales hanako swallowing a mermaid's scale
2. Yousei-san 2020.01.16
nene cleaning hanako's bathroom nene's friend aoi mokke kou vs hanako
3. The Misaki Stairs - Part 1 2020.01.23
cleaning hanako's bathroom misaki stairs misaki's spirit realm
4. The Misaki Stairs - Part 2 2020.01.30
scissor attack hanako using a rope on nene hanako tying up the second wonder fox spirit yako
5. The Confession Tree 2020.02.06
the confession tree love spell from the confession tree hanako apologizing minamoto brothers kou and teru
6. The 4 O'Clock Library 2020.02.13
nene reading in the 4 o'clock library nene's imaginary exchange diary  tsuchigomori in his library tsuchigomori under the moon
7. Donuts 2020.02.20
kou and nene making donuts sakura and a mokke dark hanako returns to sakura in the broadcast room locker spirit
8. Mitsuba 2020.02.27
mitsuba taking a photo mitsuba and kou tsukasa attacking mitsuba kou finding mitsuba's photograph
9. Tea Party 2020.03.06
natsuhiko asking nene out in her classroom sakura's tea party with nene nene and natsuhiko restrained nene in the nowhere realm of doors with mokke
10. The Hell of Mirrors Part 1 2020.03.12
arm spirits appearing in nene's gardening club book mitsuba with his arm spirits mirror making fun of nene's daikon legs hell of mirrors shattered by tsukasa
11. The Hell of Mirrors Part 2 2020.03.19
yako at the misaki stairs hanako and kou breaking into the hell of mirrors tsukasa bringing out mitsuba's demon form kou grabbing mitsuba
12. The Little Mermaid 2020.03.26
nene and the fish spirirs nene's harem nene's fish form hanako and nene