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Fall 2020


Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina
Majo no Tabitabi

As long as she could remember, Elaina has wanted to be just like the witch Nike from her favorite childhood book. At the age of fifteen, she is the youngest Witch to pass the magic exam in Robetta's history. No established Witch is willing to take a prodigy like Elaina on as their assistant until she meets the Stardust Witch, Fran. Under Fran's seemingly uncaring tutelage, Elaina spends her days doing chores and running errands until she is challenged with a magical duel. With the star student's pride broken, Fran begins to teach he in earnest and awards her the title Ashen Witch. With her studies completed, Elaina prepares to go on a journey throughout the land just like Nike had done.

stardust witch fran's house witches elaina and fran in a magical duel elaina's witch wand elaina's witch hat

1. Elaina, the Apprentice Witch 2020.10.02
2. The Land of Mages 2020.10.09
3. The Girl as Pretty as a Flower / Bottled Happiness 2020.10.16
4. The Princess Without Subjects 2020.10.23
5. Royal Celesteria 2020.10.30
6. The Land of Truth Tellers 2020.11.06
7. The Wall Etched by Travelers / The Grape-Stomping Girl 2020.11.13
8. Severing Demon 2020.11.20
9. A Deep Sorrow from the Past 2020.11.27
10. The Two Teachers 2020.12.04
11. The Two Apprentices 2020.12.11
12. The Everyday Tale of Every Ashen Witch 2020.12.18