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Spring 2020


Wave, Listen to Me!

Producer Kanetsugu Mato hears an impassioned rant from a stranger Minare Koda at a bar one night and decides to give her a shot at his radio station. Her fierce broadcasts gain in popularity over the late night airwaves as she struggles to make ends meet in her personal and professional life with plenty of material to be spoken about along the way.

1. I'll Never Forgive You 2020.04.03
2. I Despise Them 2020.04.10
3. You All Are Soft 2020.04.17
4. You Don't Smile 2020.04.24
5. You're Not Getting Out Alive 2020.05.01
6. There's No Such Thing 2020.05.08
7. I Want to Cry 2020.05.15
8. I Can't Tell You Over the Phone 2020.05.22
9. I Won't Believe You 2020.05.29
10. I Have to Do This 2020.06.05
11. I Don't Fear Anaerobic Creatures 2020.06.12
12. I Want to Convey It to You 2020.06.19