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Winter 2021


Back Arrow

Lingalind is a world surrounded by a great wall. Comprised of two nations, Lutoh and Rekka are in a never ending battle for control over the "falling stars" known as Rakuho. These capsules contain supplies and technology from an unknown location and are essential for both nations in maintaining an edge over one another. One day, an extra Rakuho falls in the remote Iki Islands where the local bumpkins attempt to cook it, believing it to be food. To their surprise, a strange man springs forth and even more shockingly he claims to be from beyond the wall where nothing is said to exist.

Sheriff Atlee of Edger Village Bit Cooking a Rakuho capsule in Edger Village Back Arrow's Briheight Back Arrow fighting in his Briheight mecha

1. Do Guys From the Sky Have Undies? 2021.01.09