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Winter 2021


The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter
Ore dake Haireru Kakushi Dungeon

Hidden dungeons are the prize jewel every adventurer is after. These unexplored places are ripe with unclaimed treasure and dangerous monsters. Noir is a young nobleman who is looking for a different direction in life. Within one of these hidden dungeons, he discovers another adventurer named Olivia who has been trapped there for over 200 years. With the hope Noir will one day grow strong enough to free her, Olivia grants him her special abilities in order to enter the Hero Academy.

noir exploring a hidden dungeon noir's friend emma noir's sister alice and family noir's adventuring party

1. Powerful Skill Set 2021.01.09
2. The Guild and the Receptionist 2021.01.16
3. The Troubled Classmate 2021.01.23
4. The Untainted Cleric 2021.01.30
5. The Future of This Harem 2021.02.06
6. The Tulip Lion 2021.02.13
7. The Receptionist Ranking 2021.02.20
8. A Little Girl's Wish 2021.02.27
9. To the Gala 2021.03.06
10. Let's Go to the Hot Springs 2021.03.13
11. Noir's Decision 2021.03.20
12. A Battle I Can't Lose 2021.03.27