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Winter 2021


Hortensia Saga

Several years ago, the Principality of Camelia rebelled against the Kingdom of Hortensia, ushering in an era of bloody warfare. Though the King is slain and Princess Mariel is now missing, the Kingdom survives though Prince Charlot. Alfred Albert has now come of age as a Lord after losing his father in the rebellion. Aided by his trusted squire Marius, they strive to restore peace to the Kingdom by defeating the Camelian threat once and for all.

princess mariel the principality of camelia Alfred Albert with his father's sword squire Marius

1. Resolve ~The Conflict with Camellia~ 2021.01.07
2. Memories ~The Lore of Magonia~ 2021.01.14
3. Repose of Souls ~To the Quarantined Village~ 2021.01.21
4. Turnabout ~Prelude to Turmoil~ 2021.01.28
5. Impact ~The Protected One~ 2021.02.04
6. True or False ~The Burden of a Princess~ 2021.02.11
7. Dilemma ~A Truth Revealed~ 2021.02.18
8. Lamplight ~The Return of the Princess~ 2021.02.25
9. The Witch ~A Trial into the Past~ 2021.03.04
10. Showdown ~The March to Liberation~ 2021.03.11
11. Tug-of-War ~The Far Reaches of Conviction~ 2021.03.18
12 Promise ~Once Again, on the Hill at Sunset~ 2021.03.25
SP. Hortensia Saga" TV Anime Broadcast Completion Special 2021.04.01