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Winter 2021


I-Chu: Halfway Through the Idol

Fledgeling idols gather at the famous Etoile Vio School where they are known as I-Chu. It is here that their talent is nurtured before stepping out to capture the hearts of the audience. Though it has only been one week since school began, each idol group of Class 3 is given a tough assignment: sell 3000 CDs or be expelled. Fire Fenyx is the newest group in class that hasn't even made their debut yet but they decide to go after their goal with the inspirational energy that defines each idol.

seiya trying to hug akira I-Chu manager Yuzuki Asahina I-Chu classmates Fire Fenyx idol group

1. The Colors of Songs 2021.01.06
2. That Which Is Engraved 2021.01.13
3. In the Case of an Otokonoko 2021.01.20
4. Just as You Are 2021.01.27
5. That Which We Wish to Convey 2021.02.03
6. Where I Belong 2021.02.10
7. For a Smile 2021.02.17
8. Bonds 2021.02.24
9. The Lost Color 2021.03.03
10. Back to Life 2021.03.10
11. The Decisive Battle 2021.03.17
12. Ichu 2021.03.24