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Winter 2021


Idoly Pride

Kouhei was going through yet another ordinary high school day when he is approached out of the blue by his popular classmate Mana who wants his advice on becoming an idol. When they visit Hoshimi Productions, she is instantly picked up and Kouhei is suddenly made her manager. However Mana's soaring career is tragically cut short when she loses her life in an accident. Three years later, Kouhei is preparing to guide the next generation of idols at Hoshimi Productions along with Mana's spirit who continues to give him her own unique form of guidance.

Idol Kotono Nagase Kouhei and Mana before her Idol debut Idol Mana Nagase Hoshimi Productions

1. From This First Step 2021.01.10
2. The Reason We Stand Here 2021.01.17
3. Everyone's Looking for the Answer 2021.01.24
4. Raise the Volume More and More 2021.01.31
5. Separate Lights, One Feeling 2021.02.07
6. For a Precious Stage 2021.02.14
7. Shining Smile 2021.02.21
8. You're Good Just the Way You Are 2021.02.28
9. Embrace the Courage You've Been Given 2021.03.07
10. A Place That Cannot Be Reached Alone 2021.03.14
1. Burn the Sound of Life 2021.03.21
12. The Story That Begins With Goodbye 2021.03.28