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Winter 2021


Kemono Jihen

Kohachi Inugami is a detective that specializes in paranormal occurrences. An investigation into strange occurrences around a small country inn leads him to a boy named Kabane. Kabane guards a dark secret that Kohachi is all too familiar with. As a half ghoul, Kabane transforms into a berserk monster known as a Kemono when his sealing necklace is removed. Revealing himself to be as a fellow Kemono, Kohachi decides to take the innocent boy under his wing back to his office in Tokyo as a member of his team.

kohachi and kabane kabane's necklace kabane's monster form

1. Kabane 2021.01.10
2. The Kemonoist 2021.01.17
3. Foxes 2021.01.24
4. Mission 2021.01.31
5. Intrusion 2021.02.07
6. Awakening 2021.02.14
7. Home 2021.02.21
8. Truth 2021.02.28
9. Family 2021.03.07
10 Twins 2021.03.14
11. Memories 2021.03.21
12. Kemono Incidents 2021.03.28