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Spring 2021


My Hero Academia

Season 5

89. All Hands on Deck! Class 1-A 2021.03.27
Hero class 1-A is given a surprise attack drill where they must rescue students posing as victims while neutralizing the villains. Unfortunately for them, top students Hado and Amajiki will be playing the villains while the uncooperative Togata is making his own rescue as difficult as possible. When Midoriya pulls his punch against Amajiki, Bakugo has no trouble swooping in at full force against his fellow classmates.
froppy climbing a wall Hado playing a villain and taking Pinky hostage Amajiki playing a villain Bakugo riding on the hood of a car
90. Vestiges 2021.04.03
The hero Hawks has infiltrated the Paranormal Liberation Front as a double agent in an effort to bring them down from within. Endeavor finally returns from the hospital but his family relationships are still strained due to his favoring of Shoto. That night, Midoriya has another flashback about One For All and witnesses the day of its creation.
Endeavor hospitalized hero Hawks working to infiltrate the League of Villains Endeavor's home having a family meal flashback of All For One
91. Clash! Class A VS Class B! 2021.04.10
Hero classes 1-A and 1-B gather in the training ground where they will face off against each other in teams of four. Hitoshi Shinso from the General Course is also present as a prospective transfer student to the Hero Course. Midoriya recalls facing his Brainwashing quirk in the Sports Festival where he witnessed the vestiges of One For All for the first time.
Hero Class 1-B at the training ground Hitoshi Shinso Hitoshi's group in Hero class 1-A midoriya watching the battle monitor in the training ground
92. Make It Happen, Shinso! 2021.04.17
93. Operation New Improv Moves 2021.04.24
94. Foresight 2021.05.01