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Winter 2021


Skate-Leading Stars

As a young skater, Kensei's goal was always to beat Reo Shinozaki but no matter how hard he trained, he would always come in second place. When he was told he wasn't even worth being a rival, Kensei left the world of skating behind. Years later in high school, those bitter feelings resurface when the figure skating champion Reo makes headlines by announcing his transition into team-based skate-leading. Reo's half-brother Hayato would love nothing more than to see him pulled down from his lofty position and he believes Kensei along with his high school's skating club could be talented enough to do it.

Reo Shinozaki skate-leading club Hayato Sasugai meeting Kensei Maeshima Kensei skating

1. Pact 2021.01.10
2. Break
3. Self-Centered
4. Inspiration
5. Bonds
6. Indecision 2021.02.14
7. Resolve 2021.02.21
8. Champions 2021.02.28
9. One Lead
10. Finals 2021.03.14
11. Perfect 2021.03.21
12. Sworn Friends