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Record of Lodoss War

1 Prologue to the Legend  
In search of the great sage Wort, Parn and his group of fellow adventurers find themselves at the steps of an ancient dwarven fortress. Having been driven out long ago, the dwarven hall is now home to all manner of dangerous creatures. When Parn and the elf Deedlit are separated from the rest of the group they awaken a slumbering beast that will truly put the group's abilities to the test.
lodoss war dungeon crawl deedlit finding treasure record of lodoss war party dragon within the ancient dwarven fortress
2 Blazing Departure  
Taking us back to the very beginning of the adventure, Parn rescues a young woman from his village from a band of goblin marauders. Many in the village are angered as they believe the slain goblins will invite a direct reprisal on the village itself. Deciding to strike the first blow, Parn and his childhood friend Etoh set out to find the goblin's mountain camp and slay their leader. It is here they discover the elf Deedlit who informs them both the goblins have already left - to attack Parn's village! Parn and Etoh find themselves in a desperate flight back their homes in the prayer they are not already too late.
goblin raid parn and etoh scouting the goblin cave lodoss war village massacre goblin leader
3 The Black Knight  
Emperor Beld continues his steady conquest of Lodoss - now setting his sights on Shining Hill. During their travels, Parn and his new group of adventurers are captured by a patrol of Alanian soldiers in a case of mistaken identity. When the Emperor's forces descend upon the fortress, Parn experiences first hand the war that will soon engulf all of Lodoss.
the elf deedlit drawing upon nature's magic castle dungeon captain of the guards fortress myce burning
4 The Grey Witch  
With their sights set on Valis, Parn's group decides to journey through the foreboding Forest of No Return as a shortcut. Under the impression of powerful illusions, Ghim sees a vision of his daughter Leylia and separates from the others with Parn. Narrowly surviving until Deedlit can dispel the hallucination, Ghim informs the party about his true quest to return Leylia home. Reaching the other end of the forest, the group comes face to face with Karla the Grey Witch, whom Ghim recognizes as his daughter.
emperor beld upon his throne forest of no return karla's carriage in the forest of no return karla the gret witch
5 The Desert King  
The mercenary king of Flaim, King Kashue, travels to Valis to meet with King Fahn concerning Marmo's recent invasions. As the court ball ensues, Woodchuck spends his time looking around the castle after being kicked out of a dice game for cheating. After discovering some slain guards he rushes back to the main hall to see Karla's pawn, the released prisoner Naba, ready to kill King Kashue.
king fahn king kashue deedlit dressed up at the court ball prisoner naba
6 The Sword of the Dark Emperor  
Emperor Beld's army strikes suddenly and forges a bloody path through the Kingdom of Valis in an attempt to draw King Fahn out from his castle. Before they march, Parn is gifted the Holy Shield from King Fahn and finally learns the truth about his father Tessius. Years ago, the people of Flaim demanded a sacrifice to appease the rampaging dragon Shooting Star in the form of Princess Fianna, the king's daughter. Tessius rebelled against the order, choosing to save Princess Fianna when King Fahn's duty to the realm prevented him from doing so himself.
castle siege parn receiving the shield deedlit playing her lute king fahn's rally at valis
7 The War of Heroes  
King Fahn plays into Emperor Beld's hands as their armies clash in a bloody battle. King Fahn calls out to Emperor Beld to face him in single combat and the two former allies cross their sword for the final time with Beld striking down Fahn. His victory is short lived as he is also mortally wounded by the Grey Witch Karla. Having completed her goal to maintain balance in Lodoss, Karla leaves the battlefield and Parn makes a vow to put an end to her hold over Lodoss.
parn marching with king fahn's army battle between king fahn and emperor beld the sage wort duel of king fahn and emperor beld
8 Requiem for Warriors  
Ghim and Slayn travel alone to Karla's castle to free Leylia from her grasp. While in pursuit, mercenaries Shiris and Orson ambush Parn's party after mistaking Deedlit for a dark elf. Realizing their error, Shiris attempts to restrain Orson who has already engaged in a berserker rage. Meanwhile at her keep, Ghim and Slayn make a desperate attempt to remove Karla's circlet and rescue Leylia from its influence.
ghim and slayn in the forest shiris and orson waiting to ambush parn's party shiris fighting parn battle with karla in her lair
9 The Scepter of Domination  
After the Death of Emperor Beld, Lord Ashram emerges as the leader over the ashes of Marmo. Without the magic that had held them in check, the dark creatures throughout Marmo have begun to lay waste to the realm. The evil wizard Wagnard tells Ashram of the Scepter of Domination, a powerful relic which could be used to regain control of Marmo and then all of Lodoss.
the dragon shooting star wagnard over his magic tome pirotess the dark elf ashram marching with his army
10 The Demon Dragon of Fire Dragon Mountain  
The rampaging dragon Shooting Star once again leaves its roost at Fire Dragon Mountain to burn down the nearby villages. Kashue's army mobilizes but are no match for the legendary dragon. Seizing the opportunity, Ashram enters Fire Dragon Mountain and seizes the Scepter of Domination. Like his predecessor, Ashram's victory is short lived as Shooting Star turns its rage back home.
ballista firing at the dragon shooting star fire dragon mountain the scepter of domination dragon shooting star
11 The Wizard's Ambition  
Dire news of Marmo recovering reaches the Kingdom of Flaim and King Kashue marches for the final time to save the realm. Having survived his injuries, Ashram is visited by a vision of Karla telling him of Wagnard's intention to summon Kardis, the goddess of destruction. Requiring a sacrifice for the summoning ritual, Wagnard abducts Deedlit and returns to Marmo. Princess Fianna gives Parn her father's blade, the Holy Sword, and with renewed resolve the party departs to rescue Deedlit and stop Wagnard from destroying all of Lodoss.
parn with deedlit deedlit caught in a web parn receiving the holy sword parn unsheathing the holy sword
12 Final Battle! Marmo - The Dark Island  
Wagnard's summoning ritual begins as Parn's group arrives ahead of King Kashue's army, fighting their Marmo's castle. The black dragon Narse has awoken from his slumber and attacks perched atop the castle, keeping them at bay. When all hope seems lost, the golden dragon Mycen arrives to push Narse back, allowing Parn to enter. Etoh, Slayn and Leylia remain behind to hold the summoned dark spirits at bay while Parn faces Wagnard alone. Arriving to the ritual chamber, Parn discovers that Ashram is already there to stop Wagnard as the final battle to determine the fate of Lodoss unfolds.
deedlit in the sacrifice ritual parn storming marmo castle narse perched atop the castle ashram fighting wagnard
13 Lodoss - The Burning Continent  
Dark creatures above continually rise again to fight King Kashue's amy as Parn and Wagnard face off within Castle Marmo. Seizing the opportunity, Ashram strikes down Wagnard from behind then turns his attention to Parn. Wielding his Demon Sword, Ashram and Parn come to a stalemate as it clashes with the Holy Sword. Wagnard revives a final time and destroys the Scepter of Domination before striking down Ashram and succumbing to his own wounds. Taking both the Holy Sword and Demon Sword in hand, Parn strikes away the magic around Deedlit to stop the ritual, saving her and preventing Kardis from being summoned.
wagnard the evil wizard lodoss final battle parn crossing swords with ashram parn and deedlit riding off into the sunset