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Record of Lodoss War

1 Prologue to the Legend  
In search of the great sage Wort, Parn and his group of fellow adventurers find themselves at the steps of an ancient dwarven fortress. Having been driven out long ago, the dwarven hall is now home to all manner of dangerous creatures. When Parn and the elf Deedlit are separated from the rest of the group they awaken a slumbering beast that will truly put the group's abilities to the test.
2 Blazing Departure  
Taking us back to the very begining of the adventure, Parn rescues a young woman from his village from a band of goblin marauders. Many in the village are angered as they believe the slain goblins will invite a direct reprisal on the village itself. Deciding to strike the first blow, Parn and his childhod friend Etoh set out to find the goblin's mountain camp and slay their leader. It is here they discover the elf Deedlit who informs them both the goblins have already left - to attack Parn's village! Parn and Etoh find themselves in a desperate flight back their homes in the prayer they are not already too late.
3 The Black Knight  
Emperor Beld continues his steady conquest of Lodoss - now setting his sights on Shining Hill. During their travels, Parn and his new group of adventurers are captured by a patrol of Alanian soldiers in a case of mistaken identity. When the Emperor's forces descend upon the fortress, Parn experiences first hand the war that will soon engulf all of Lodoss.
4 The Grey Witch  
5 The Desert King  
6 The Sword of the Dark Emperor  
7 The War of Heroes  
8 Requiem for Warriors  
9 The Scepter of Domination  
10 The Demon Dragon of Fire Dragon Mountain  
11 The Wizard's Ambition  
12 Final Battle! Marmo - The Dark Island  
13 Lodoss - The Burning Continent