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Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki

1 Ryoko Resurrected  
While working at his family's shrine over the summer, Tenchi decides to do a little exploring. There is a legend of a demon that was sealed away in the nearby cave hundreds of years ago, but that's just a silly legend... right?
2 Here Comes Ayeka!  
In search of her brother, Princess Ayeka of the planet Jurai arrives at the Earth. Picking up the signal from the notorious space pirate Ryoko, she decides to investigate and things quickly get out of hand. Having a spaceship battle over his house becomes the least of Tenchi's concerns as he and Ryoko find themselves prisoners aboard Ayeka's ship.
3 Hello, Ryo-Ohki!  
While Ryoko's ship regenerates itself by hatching from an egg in the form of a rabbit-like creature named Ryo-Ohki, Ayeka is still struggling with the news about her brother. Being stranded on a backwater planet in the same house as Ryoko probably doesn't help matters much either.
4 Mihoshi Falls to the Land of Stars  
While Mihoshi is sent to Earth to pursue the criminal Kagato, Tenchi and the others take a little vacation to a nearby hot spring. Of course, you can't have a trip to the hot springs without a little peeking and Nobuyuki's indiscretion sends things slowly spiraling out of control. As Ryoko and Ayeka's squabble gets out of hand, Mihoshi's absent minded driving ends up breaking up their fight.
5 Kagato Attacks!  
When Kagato reveals himself and attacks, he is thwarted by Tenchi's grandfather in an amazing display of sword technique that could only come from the house of Jurai. Kagato escapes with Ryoko in tow and when Ryo-Ohki transforms into a fully functional spaceship, Tenchi and the others are able to give chase. During the battle, Tenchi departs to the remains of Ayeka's ship to make use of a powerful weapon - Light Hawk Wings.
6 We Need Tenchi  
With all hope seemingly lost, the remaining trio make a desperate attack on Kagato's ship. While Ayeka and Ryoko face off against Kagato, Mihoshi gets lost and accidentally frees the woman who will be able to turn things around. Will Tenchi be able to wield the Light Hawk Wings to destroy Kagato once and for all?
7 The Night Before the Carnival  
With Kagato gone, life can finally get back to normal... as normal as the Masaki house can get anyway. Confusion over earth style romance brings chaos to the household and an unlikely alliance forms - temporarily anyway.
8 Hello Baby!  
Taking care of a baby should be easy with a house full of girls right?
9 Sasami and Tsunami  
Tenchi and the others get suckered into repairing the hot spring they destroyed earlier. Legend tells of a ghost haunting these woods but what if there really is something going on here? When Sasami goes missing, the truth about Tsunami is revealed.
10 I Love Tenchi  
An outburst of anger combined with incredibly bad timing sends Ryo-Ohki running away to Washu's lab. Among the strange things she has stored here, Ryo-Ohki runs into a strange organism, the very same kind used to create Ryoko many years ago.
11 The Advent of the Goddess  
Deep in space, the evil Doctor Clay is given a mission by the mysterious Lady Tokimi to capture Washu. In order to accomplish this task, he ambushes Ryoko and has his robotic assistant Zero infiltrate the Masaki house using her form. An unforeseen side effect of Zero taking Ryoko's personality and form occurs whenever Tenchi is present, making her mission next to impossible.
12 Zero Ryoko  
Zero's repeated failures to capture Washu due to her infatuation with Tenchi culminate in her cover being blown. Tenchi and the others pursue Zero to Doctor Clay's ship where it is discovered that Washu and Clay have a sort of history together.
13 Here Comes Jurai  
The Masaki household is once again disrupted - this time by a surprise visit from the Jurai royal family. This reunion is not entirely leisurely however; the King reveals he has chosen a husband for Ayeka and the only way to call off their engagement is, of course, for Tenchi to defeat the suitor in a duel.