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Winter 2021


Attack on Titan: The Final Season

Four years have passed since Eren and the others arrived from across the sea. The loss of the Female Titan and Colossal Titan have emboldened Marley's enemies over their perceived loss of military strength. As Marley's wars draw to a close, they once again begin to set their sights on Paradis and the Founding Titan. Unknown to them, the fight is about to be taken right to Marley's doorstep in retribution for the attack on Wall Maria all those years ago.

60. The Other Side of the Sea 2020.12.07
A four year long war between Marley and the Mid East Alliance is about to be brought to a close. Among Marley's ranks are four young Eldian Warrior candidates in line to inherit the Armored Titan: Falco, Gabi, Udo and Zofia. Gabi is motivated to achieve the title in order to show everyone that the Eldians outside of Paradis are good people. Her act of heroism allow Zeke and Reiner to safely wield their Titan powers to destroy Fort Slava and the of the enemy resistance.
Gabi, Falco, Udo and Zofia on the battlefield Gabi attacking the Titan killing armored train Armored Titan attacking Fort Slava Beast Titan bombarding enemy ships from Fort Slava
61. Midnight Train 2020.12.14
Though Marley has won the war, other nations still remain emboldened by the near destruction of the Armored Titan. Military command knows it is an inevitability that human technology will eventually eclipse their Titan advantage on the battlefield. Zeke takes the opportunity to suggest that the Paradis operation be resumed to capture the Founding Titan. With a one year window for success, Zeke has but one chance to secure a future for all Eldians living beyond the wall.
grown Reiner back in Marley Eldian Warriors Zeke, Porco and Pieck Reiner and Falco Gabi's family dinner in the Eldian District
62. The Door of Hope 2020.12.21
As a youth, Reiner wanted to become the world's hero by destroying the "island of devils". Four young Eldian Warriors are chosen to infiltrate Paradis in order to recover the Founding Titan for Marley. Though their leader Marcel is killed by a stray Titan along the way, Reiner, Bertholdt and Annie proceed with the mission. With the Colossal Titan's infamous attack on Wall Maria, the trio begin their search by joining the Scouts. Back at present, Reiner can't help but be reminded of his own past when looking at Falco, Gabi, Udo and Zofia.
Marcel, Reiner, Annie and Bertholdt as Eldian Warriors young annie and reiner Eldian Warriors infiltrating Paradis Reiner in the Scouts
63. From One Hand to Another 2020.12.28
The Tybur Family is very influential within Marley despite being Eldians. Their control of the Warhammer Titan made the Tybers heroes when they assisted Helos in ending the legendary Titan War. Their patriarch Willy Tyber plans to reveal the real truth of this war in an effort to convince the entire world that the total destruction of Paradis is necessary, even at the cost of his own life. Meanwhile Falco befriends a wounded soldier named Krueger within the military hospital. When Falco takes Reiner to see this man claiming to be his old friend, he has a reunion four years in the making.
Willy Tyber Kruger and Falco Reiner and the Eldians at the festival
64. Declaration of War 2021.01.11
Eren has come to Marley for the same reason Reiner and the others came to Wall Maria years ago; because he has no choice. While the meeting of old friends takes place, the festival begins outside with Willy Tybur taking the stage. Hidden forces begin neutralizing the Marleyans including Pieck and Porco. As the sacrificial lamb on stage makes his case for the total annihilation of Paradis, Eren promises Reiner he won't relent until all of his enemies are destroyed.
Willy Tyber Eren in Marley Pieck's Cart Titan unit Eren attacks Marley
65. The War Hammer Titan 2021.01.18
lara tybur reiner and gabi escaping eren's attack the warhammer titan jaw titan attacking eren
66. Assault 2021.01.25
levi and the scouts attack marley mikasa covering eren armin in marley eren using the jaw titan to crush the warhammer
67. Assassin's Bullet 2021.02.01
68. Brave Volunteers 2021.02.08